Painted canvas as ridgeline and tarp. 

Painted canvas as ridgeline and tarp. 

Surface First Tilts West: An Outdoor Experiential Exhibition temporarily installs environmentally conscious, minimal impact works of art along the trails of Little Chebeague Island.  Visitors are invited to interact with the natural and manmade history, while simultaneously viewing contemporary art.  The installations’ relationship with the trails, historic landmarks and plants will give the audience a unique outdoor art experience.  

Casco Bay, Maine August - October 2017

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Artists Involved:

Jordan Kendall Parks

Isabel Neal

Chris Battaglia:

Jennifer O'Connell:

Jared Haug:

Useful links to aid getting to Little Chebeague:

At low tide (and the two hours before, and two hours after), Little Chebeague is connected to Great Chebeague by a sand bar. If accessing the island for a quick visit, it is best to get to the sand bar about two hours before the lowest point in the tide cycle.
Casco Bay Tide Chart:

Casco Bay Ferry Lines run multiple trips daily to Great Chebeague and the sandbar is a short walk from the pier.

Kayaking: By far the most flexible and accessible option, as the island is about an hour paddle each way from Portland's east end beach. Note that this is a very exposed paddle and you will encounter boat traffic, so please wear proper safety equiptment, study your route and carry either a VHF radio or waterproofed cell phone.
For kayak rentals or guided tours:

While adventuring within Casco Bay (and elsewhere!) please adhere to the Leave No Trace Principles:

The Maine Island Trail Association is a wonderful resource based in Portland that protects, conserves and keeps Maine's coast a wonderfully accessible and beautiful wonder.