Recap From Hewnoaks Artist Residency

Back in August I attended a week long residency at a lovely spot in Western Maine.   My daily ritual began with a morning run which ended at the foggy entrance to Kezar Lake, where I paddled around solo in a canoe.  On my walk back to my studio, I would pick fresh blackberries, and if I had some left by the time I got to the kitchen I would make blackberry pancakes.  After a full belly and coffee driven inspiration, my creative energy very naturally took off.  With so much space, sunshine and fresh air to focus on my work, I typically created until the sun was setting or my belly began to growl for more blackberries.  

I made a few new bodies of work that I am excited about.   I carved a dancing spotted skunk into an old log and made prints of it on the porch of my studio.   The part I love most of the printmaking process has always been the journey to creating the intended print.  The discoveries, unexpected alterations and changes that occur while I'm carving have taught me to revel in the flexibility of my materials.  I based a project around this, taking wooden cubes directly from a tree, carving them with an axe and printing as I removed layers upon layers.  I had little control over the image, and the outcome was completely unknown until I printed it.  This project was eye opening, as it encouraged my abstract nature to grow.  It feels very much like the beginning of a new direction in my work and I am excited to play more.